Non-Surgical Endermological Treatment for Firming & Refining Your Silhouette

Brazilian Lift is a non-invasive body sculpting and skin rejuvenation treatment. It is a fat dissolving and skin-tightening procedure with a zero risk of infection, little to no discomfort and no scarring.

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Brazilian Lift

As seen in the fashion and cosmetic press, aesthetic medical journals and among social media influencers- Brazilian Lift combines different techniques to effectively tackle the different types of cellulite, even in the most rebellious areas. Brazilian Contouring reduces the lumpy fat deposits under your skin. These are caused by collagen strands that tighten and pull the skin down. The bumps or nodules that give the famous orange peel effect are the result of fat cells pushing against your skin.

Brazilian Lift uses in each session, a combination of scientifically proven technologies (laser, infra-red, ultrasound, radiofrequency, vacuum) – each specifically targetting different aspects of your cellulite.   The effectiveness of the treatment relies on the simultaneous combination of the 5 different technologies :

Laser Therapy


Laser therapy has a firming effect on the deeper layers of your skin as well as a softening action on the more superficial layers. It uses infra-reds that have a deep remodelling, anti-sagging activity. They increase the tone of your skin. Laser therapy destroys the solid fibres that harden the fat tissues by binding fat globules together.

The lumps of fat that appear when you move, are caused by collagen strands that tighten and pull your skin down. The bumps or nodules are the result of the fat cells pushing against the skin. Laser therapy destroys those collagen bridges, and separates the fat cells making them accessible from all sides to the following procedures. The infra-reds used in this 10 minutes phase, are painless and soften the tissues without the risk of infection or scarring. The deeper layers of the skin are toned without the risks of irregularity caused by a lipoaspiration.


Ultrasound Therapy


Ultrasound therapy (also known as “cavitation”) uses acoustic waves to reduce fat cells into small particles. Ultrasounds penetrate the subcutaneous adipose tissue causing fat cells to implode.

This process is made easier by the preceding laser therapy phase which has separated the fat cells and therefore made them accessible from all sides. Cavitation leaves the skin smooth and blood vessels intact. It reduces the global volume of the fat tissue. This volume reduction goes on for 5 days after the treatment as it takes your body 5 days to eliminate the liquified fat.


Radio frequency


Radio frequency (phase 3 of the treatment) is the most pleasant part of a Brazilian Lift. It uses high frequency electromagnetic waves that heat the subcutaneous tissue without burning it. This heat melts the fragments of fat cells.

The liquified fat will then be easily pushed into the lymphatic system by the subsequent draining massage and eliminated naturally. Besides, radiofrequency stimulates the production of collagen and elastin (for the following 5 days) which improves the firmness of the skin. The skin tissue is toned, plumped and partly regains its elasticity.


The Vacuum


The vacuum phase exerts a powerful suction which empties the fat cells of their content and pushes the liquified fat into the lymphatic system. It will then be eliminated naturally … in the toilets ! Vaccum stimulates the blood supply to your skin and therefore also the elimination of toxins and metabolic waste naturally.

It gives the skin a natural, firm and rejuvenated appearance. The vacuum cannot be used on the abdomen which is a very sensitive part of your body. For your belly, I replace it with a very pleasant manual drainage massage.


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A Brazilian Lift session lasts approximately 1 hour and includes these 4 procedures. The results are lasting and visible from the first session. It can be used on the stomach, thighs, hips (saddlebags), buttocks, back and arms. Come see for yourself.