Brazilian Lift Frequently Asked Questions

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Brazilian Lift Frequently Asked Questions

A Brazilian Body Lift (a ‘BBL’) is a procedure designed to reshape your figure and retone your skin.

One Brazilian Lift session lasts about 1 hour. It includes 10 minutes of laser therapy + 10 minutes of cavitation + 10 minutes of radiofrequency + vacuum session or manual draining massage + nutritional advice + a photoshoot before and after.

It works on your abdomen, your bum, your legs and your hips.

Yes absolutely.

Results are visible immediately and improve over the following 5 days. The skin looses its lumpy / saggy aspects. It appears smoother, younger, more toned. The general silhouette is more feminine. Yet everybody reacts differently and it is impossible to predict the exact result.

Yes the results are visible immediately, but the treatment will continue working for 5 days and up to 2 weeks

Results can be permanent if you maintain a healthy diet but maintenance appointments are recommended

For the best results, a minimum of 7 days is advised

It all depends on your objectives. It can be a single session before a special event ; it can be a series of treatments before a holiday on the beach ; it can be a monthly appointment for prevention of cellulite built-up. The number of treatments depends entirely on you.

No, you can continue your day as normal ; however your skin may be a bit red a few minutes after the treatment.

The treatment is completely painless.

There are almost no contra-indications.

You have to be 18 and not pregnant.

It is not recommended if you suffer from epilepsy or have regular black-outs, a local cancer or local dermatological lesions, if you are undergoing a radiotherapy, if you have a sever renal pathology,

You may bruise if you are diabetic or on blood thinning medications

We recommend no direct contact with the sun or sun beds for at least 24 hours after the treatment as radiofrequency and cavitation energy + UV rays could cause your skin to be more sensitive

Side-effects are rare.

Redness of the skin on the treated area for half an hour

Unpleasant sound in your ears during the cavitation phase which disappears as soon as we stop and which is not dangerous

Sometimes but rarely bruising (usually caused by the vacuum)

Local allergic reactions (if your skin is sensitive to pressure or heat) but extremely rare as we use hypoallergenic gel

Slightly looser transit as you eliminate fat naturally in the toilets

A 1 hour session for 1 zone (abdomen OR back of both legs OR front of both legs OR both hips or both arms or your bum) includes laser-therapy + cavitation + radiofrequency + vacuum or draining massage is charged £250

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